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Name: Grace Bowmer and Dr Amber Elliott

Job Title: Honorary Assistant Psychologist/Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Specialist Therapy:

Current place of work: The Child Psychology Service, Lichfield and PAFCA

What is Theraplay?

The Theraplay Institute was founded in 1971 (1). Whilst the therapy has since been expanded into over 28 countries, much evidence for its effectiveness has appeared in the form of case studies – usually in-depth research of an individual person or group – and anecdotes (2). Although these are valuable in their own right, it is important that controlled, peer-reviewed studies are carried out in order to provide a strong evidence base for the efficacy of Theraplay. This review will discuss in detail the only two pieces of research of this type. Further studies outlined are discussed (2) and these provide additional evidence for the effectiveness of Theraplay in particular circumstances.

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