We have had our son for 5 years now (he is 8).  

Although things haven’t always been easy, we are on top of most of the problems and are helping our son move forward. 

However, there is one area we don’t seem to be able to sort at the moment and we are worried this will drive friends away. He has the quite annoying trait, or at least that’s how it seems, that he gets over-excited or ‘hyper’ and bombards his friends, at times hugging them too much when they ask him to stop or repeating questions over and over again, sounding a little out of control at times.  For example:  He was trying to teach his Spanish friend English last night and was just bombarding him with the question: How old are you? I asked him to stop a number of times as his friend kept on saying:  You are stressing me out.  You are making me dizzy. Stop! Even when I asked him for about the third time, my son just looked at me and carried on.

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