Sally Donovan’s Adopter Blog (Mar 2014): Regression Paves the Way for Progress (FREE ACCESS)

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When the adoptive family boat is steady, it is tempting not to do anything to risk rocking it.  There are times when we must sit tight, for everyone’s benefit and wrap ourselves in the warm cloak of routine and predictability.  There are also times when it’s beneficial to stretch fragile comfort zones a little for example when Mum needs some time away (it’s hard work keeping the boast steady and sometimes it’s boring too). READ MORE

PAFCA’s Resident Adopter Blog: September 2013 (FREE ACCESS)

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The Small Stuff

They say that the weight of all the plankton in the world’s oceans is greater than the combined weight of all the whales, dolphins and fish put together.  If the ocean is life as a therapeutic parent (stick with me), fishy things are the Big Stuff that happens and plankton is the Small Stuff that happens, then I reckon that this is a close mathematical analogy.  READ MORE

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