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Foster Carers' TSD Standards covered:

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Name: Sally Donovan

Job Title: Adoptive Parent and Author

Money is disappearing, food is disappearing, rudeness is rife, phones and tablets disappear at bedtime, school trousers come home plastered in mud and torn, the toilet isn’t flushed, the soap isn’t touched, there are counter-arguments to everything (yes everything), there is lateness for the bus, interspersed with getting up very, very early, there is much shouting in the morning, there is the sneaking of inappropriate things into the school bag, there is much messing about in lessons, there is personal insult, there is anger, there is ‘you are not my mother’.

Therapeutic parenting looks almost straightforward when one challenge comes neatly after another. But life is almost never like that. And when it feels as though someone has grabbed the bucket labelled ‘BEHAVIOURS’ and emptied it over our heads, where on earth do we start?

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