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Foster Carers' TSD Standards covered:

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Name: Sally Donovan

Job Title: Adoptive Parent and Author

No matter how therapeutically we parent, there are times when the word ‘no’ has to be said. ‘No’ can be about ‘no, that’s not safe’, or ‘no because that infringes on someone else’s rights’ or ‘no because you just don’t get to treat people that way’.

The later of those scenarios is the current theme in our house.

I find the difference between ‘competent therapeutic parent’ and ‘doormat’ is a subtle and yet very important one. Last weekend, as I was digging the garden in a pent up rage of anger and hurt I thought to myself ‘it’s like I’m living under their roof’. And there I had it, the kernel of truth. It DOES sometimes feel that way. And I had ‘DOORMAT’ stamped across my chest.

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