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Name: Sally Donovan, Adoptive Parent and Author

Exit Through the Gift Shop

‘Mum. Mum. Mum.  MUM. MUM.  MUUUUUUM!’ a voice shouts across the display of botanical tea towels.  Heads turn. Lips purse.

‘CAN I GET THESE I’VE ALWAYS WANTED SOME?’ the child asks waving a gift set of cheese knives.

‘No, put them back please,’ you reply with exaggerated quietness.


ANYTHING’ is laboured and gruff indicating years of gift shop deprivation.

‘You can choose a pencil’ you suggest in a sing-song voice with a dark undercurrent.

‘I’ll have this set of watercolour pencils.’ (Retail price £14.99.)

‘No, a pencil.  One pencil.’

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