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Lynn Findlay

Name: Lynn Findlay

Job Title: Senior Social Worker

Current place of work: Sheffield and South Yorkshire The Foster Care Co-operative

Protecting our Online Reputation – Self Care as a Digital Parent “Secure your own mask before helping others”

In my previous article on digital parenting I wrote about how we can understand our child’s digital world by being part of it; by interacting, asking questions and showing an interest alongside our young people. We thought about how we have embraced the digital world and what are our values, knowledge and skills.

This article looks at our online world and how we can maintain our professional identity online and manage our digital footprint. An important aspect of parenting is self-care and looking after ourselves and, just like the seamless online-offline world for our young people, we also need to look after ourselves online. So, make time to relax, meet friends, play sports, learn a new skill in our offline world and spend time looking after ourselves online by maintaining and protecting our professional and personal identity.

Foster carers and adopters are in a unique situation as professionals, with agency expectations, but with an interwoven personal self at home. We explore how carers can protect and manage their own identity online, whilst following the procedures of their organisation and maintaining confidentiality for the children.

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