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Lynn Findlay

Name: Lynn Findlay

Job Title: Senior Social Worker

Current place of work: Sheffield and South Yorkshire The Foster Care Co-operative

There is no escaping the rapid advances in technology, social media and a young person’s online world in recent years.  For our children born into this world as digital natives they are the recipients of these changes, immersed into an always connected, screen-focused, switched on world. For parents and professionals, or digital immigrants, born into the offline generation we have adopted their world, some of us with a passion; others feeling fearful and less confident.  The rapid expanse of the digital world has led to research speculating how technology is changing the way children think and learn; does it affect brain development and neural connections?; does it influence social, emotional and communication skills? In an era where children are already born with a digital footprint the question is raised that if children are developing differently, should we be parenting differently?

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