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Foster Carers' TSD Standards covered:

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Adele Freeman

Name: Dr Adele Freeman

Job Title: Clinical Psychologist

Current place of work: The Child Psychology Service

What is Child to Parent Violence?

Child to Parent Violence (CPV), also known as Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (APVA) or Parent Abuse (PA) has been gaining increasing attention in recent years and is a difficulty that many adoptive and foster families have experienced. Abusive behaviours can include (but are not limited to) using humiliating language and threats, belittling a parent, damaging or stealing property and heightened sexualised behaviours. There can also be patterns of coercive control with parents and or siblings feeling ‘held to ransom’ by young people and having to comply with more and more unreasonable demands. Of course, families might also experience episodes of explosive physical violence leaving them feeling frightened, powerless and humiliated.

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