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Sam Piggott

Name: Dr Samantha Piggott

Job Title: Forensic Psychologist

“My child flies away somewhere and I don’t know where she goes or what she’s doing!”

This was one of the comments a foster carer made to me when we were thinking about the little girl who had come to live with her 6 months ago.  The carer described that at times “Milly” would seem to go off somewhere in her mind, seem absent, “zone out”, and her eyes would look a little glazed. I spoke with the carer about dissociation and how I wondered if this might be what Milly was experiencing. The carer had lots of questions: What is dissociation? Does my child dissociate? What triggers are there? When will it happen? What can I do to help?

These were fantastic questions and they led me to wonder how many other foster carers and adopters would wonder about this for their children. Needless to say, I wanted to be able to share my thoughts on this area and couldn’t think of a more useful way than via our fabulous PAFCA website! So, I will use my foster carers questions to offer a psychological perspective on dissociation coupled with what parents/carers can practically do to help a child they think might be experiencing dissociation.

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