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Parenting Advice for Foster Carers and Adopters (PAFCA) joins together the expertise of foster carers and adopters with that of professionals to improve the emotional well-being, behaviour and mental health of adopted and fostered children. After all, 60% of children in the care system (in England) have emotional and mental health problems (1), that’s compared to 10% of all children (2).

I am a Clinical Child Psychologist and I’m passionate about supporting adults who care for children traumatised by neglect and abuse. This has been the primary drive in my work for many years because I steadfastly believe that unless such adults are supported, nurtured and respected then they cannot do their best for their children. The world of caring for traumatised children can sometimes be so hostile, scary and punitive that I wanted to create a safe place for foster carers and adopters to relax, learn and thrive.

In my experience, foster carers and adopters are very keen to understand more about the emotional worlds of their children and share what they’ve learned along the way. However it’s not an easy task and services to help are becoming tougher and tougher to access, hence PAFCA

How PAFCA works

We regularly upload new articles, information and advice written by foster carers, adopters and professionals in related disciplines. The site works best when we get feedback from you about what you would like to see so please get in touch if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see and what you think you could contribute yourself. Mail us on contactus@pafca.co.uk.

We pride ourselves on having a very practical focus so every single, article, profile and feature on PAFCA contains a Top 5 Tips Section. These are practical ways of using the information included on each page.

Have a look around the site and we looking forward to hearing from you!

Dr Amber Elliott
Clinical Child Psychologist
(Chartered by the British Psychological Society)