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For your PAFCA membership fee of £36 per year you will have access to the following:

  • The entire archive of exclusive PAFCA articles and advice;

  • access to the PAFCA forums and therefore the support and advice of our large community of adopters, foster carers and professionals all with experience of adopted and fostered children;

  • sound, scientific explanation and advice;

  • an emphasis on practicality, we know that you want to know what to do;

  • the content of the entire site is overseen by a Clinical Psychologist and so users can be sure of the integrity of the site content;

  • regular new articles on therapies, common problems, experiences, and research that is relevant to you;

  • access to an expert team who can answer your questions, on our problem page, about parenting your adopted or fostered child;

  • our monthly adopter blog written by Sally Donovan;

  • an online environment where people “get it”, somewhere people understand, empathise and support everybody who experiences the effects of looking after adopted and fostered children and their developmental trauma.

In the future we hope to to be able to offer:

  • Private forums to ensure comfort and security to deal with particularly difficult issues e.g. adoption disruption;

  • a PAFCA conference;

  • a go-to guide to the behaviours and difficulties of adopted and fostered children, to which members can direct family, friends and unaware professionals;

  • a monthly foster carers blog;

  • member discounts.

We are very keen to make sure that PAFCA is the site that you need it to be so if there is anything else you would like to see on PAFCA please get in touch on contacts@pafca.co.uk.


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