• Your One-Stop Tool-Kit

    Calling Adopters and Foster Carers new and old! Set yourself up with an essential tool-kit for dealing with your child's emotions and behaviour, sign up to PAFCA now for just £36 a year!

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  • PAFCA’s Top 5 Tips

    Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of the article that you're reading. Every single article, profile and feature on PAFCA contains a Top 5 Tips Section. These are practical ways of using the information included on each page.

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    We have now amassed the expertise of an enormous 1200 members! Don't forget to ask, answer and comment on the PAFCA forums to get the most from the PAFCA community!

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  • Where did PAFCA come from?

    It was during the course of writing this book that Dr Amber Elliott decided to create PAFCA. "The need for support is just limitless. So, I started work on developing a more dynamic, interactive service. PAFCA joins together expertise to improve the well-being, behaviour and mental health of adopted and fostered children. It is a safe, nurturing place to relax, learn and thrive."

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